Creating an enviable and lush environment, achieving the highest level of subtropical building in Brisbane.

NAbers Energy and water ratings

Water efficiency

Midtown Centre is 35% more water efficient than a conventional building.


Carbon Reduction

Midtown Centre’s environmental efficiency reflects a 37% CO reduction compared to a new build.


Environmentally friendly

Midtown Centre is 231% more environmentally friendly compared to a demolish and new build scenario.


Energy efficient

Than a conventional building.


Recycled waste

Construction is committed to minimising construction and demolition waste.


Air quality

Over Australian Standards. On-floor A/C with perimeter and internal zone control.

Covid Responsive Building

the first COVID-19 responsive building in Brisbane

  • Tenants have the ability to design and build a “COVID-19 safe” floorplan by spacing desks 1.5 metres apart (density of
    1 person per 12sqm).
  • Midtown Centre provides 50% additional outside (fresh) air supply over the Australian Standards minimum (11.25 litres per second per person compared to the minimum requirement of 7.5 litres per second per person).
  • Installation of UV filters on the base building air handling units which reduces bacteria and air contaminants in the air by 99.7%.
  • Automated glass louvered window system which enables fresh air flow through the mixed mode areas.
  • Keyless / touchless main entry and thoroughfare points.
  • Sensor taps to building amenities including end-of-trip (EOT).
  • Automated and touchless door entries to EOT / Wellness facilities

“I think that Midtown Centre must be the first COVID-responsive office building in Brisbane. I think it’s an exemplar, I think it’s a benchmark.”

Karl Fender, OAM - Fender Katsalidis

Midtown Centre
Health Club and wellness

Club style end-of-trip

Midtown Centre’s end-of-trip facility is designed to support active transport options and the wellbeing of its occupants. Located on Level 3, the well-considered club-style environment
features a “Chill Out Zone”.

Water efficiency